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The Traditional Way Of Keyword Selection

If you are reading this, then I am sure you want to get hold of my smart keywords research and analysis techniques, which I had adopted after years of in-project experiences. Just like any other SEO professional , I used to start with the foremost step of analyzing the niche of the project , for which I am doing SEO. From that I used to sort out some set of keywords of my own and also get suggestions from the client , which they are eager to use. Then I used to check all these keywords on Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Then whichever keywords have good monthly search frequency as well low and medium competition, I used to go for them. The keywords with high competition , are being reserved for future.

What Is Smart Keyword

For last 8-9 months , I have been experimenting with various techniques for getting best results with SEO. I came across some amazing findings which I want to share with you. First of all, I would like to share my findings about Smart Keywords. This term is coined by me. Smart Keywords differentiate themselves from ordinary keywords in these ways :

  • Smart Keywords can get good search engine ranking for your website in an easy way than ordinary keywords.
  • Smart Keywords can get good search engine ranking for your website faster than ordinary keywords .
  • Smart Keywords are always future Google-penalty proof.

Decide Which Is Smart Keyword & Which Is Not

This is the most vital part of the whole process. This part depends on the website, for which you are doing the SEO. A website can be new and old. I have taken separate strategies for bot which worked pretty well.

New Website

Let me tell you about the strategy I have taken for new websites. First of all , I would like to specify one important principle of SEO strategy – “no two webpages in a given website should have same set of targeted keywords“. This is important. I am taking an example of a basic corporate website having just the vital pages , namely, Home, About Us, Contact Us and Services. 

First , populate each of these webpages with all valuable and attractive content. The number of characters in each pages should be in the range of 400 to 600. Compose the content in such a way that all important company’s niche related features and specialties bust be explained within first 10 to 60 characters.

Similar or exactly same phrases, sentences or any patterns should not be used in a repeated way in any two pages. Try to make them as much different as you can. Now , find out 1 to 2 keywords/keyphrases which have complete relevancy with the company’s niche and which were used in the first 1 to 60 characters of a given webpage. Every page should have different set of these keywords/keyphrases. Before, writing the content, you can sort out these keywords by using Google Adwords Keyword Planner . Now, compose a catchy and small meta-description with these keywords. But, make it sure that it should not be copied from the content of the page. Then, compose the title tag with these keywords/keyphrases. Try to make single meaningful sentence with the keywords in it rather than just using the keywords in it.

Next, go for white-hat off-page SEO techniques and social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for next 3 months. Keep track of your website’s traffic statistics over Google Analytics. Find out all the keywords (organic) which are bringing traffic from organic searches (Bing,Google,Yahoo) and also find which keyword is bringing organic search traffic to which landing page. You will find that there are many keywords which are sending organic traffic to a single webpage and also more than one keywords which are sending organic traffic to more than on webpage. Make a list of these keywords.

Now, find out which all keywords have increased the number of visitors from time to time. List them us along with their targeted URLs. Find out these keywords/keyphrases in the respective webpages. Optimize the content, meta description, title tag and images in these pages, according to these keywords. Don’t overdo it. These new keywords are known as Smart Keywords. These keywords may or may not match with the existing keywords which you have selected at the very beginning. Once you optimize your individual webpages as per the relevant smart keywords, you will start seeing fast results from the SEO steps in a small period of time.

Old Website

For an old website, you will have to start by checking out the keywords/keyphrases (organic) at Google Analytics. Check out the statistics for last 3 months. Choose the set of 2 – 3 keywords which bring organic search engine traffic to specific URLs. Make sure that no two sets of these Smart Keywords are similar between two webpages. now optimize the webpage as required. Start doing white hat off-page SEO with the targeted keywords for the pages, respectively.

Within 1-2 months you will find increased organic search traffic. This will increase traffic month over month. If you find many keywords are bringing traffic to a single webpage, make many set of keywords, each set of three keywords. Make sure no two sets should have same keywords in them. Work with each set of keywords for around 1-2 months and then work with the next set for the next 1-2 months. While switching between sets of keywords dont make too much changes on on-page. Note the traffic changes on Google Analytics for each sets of 4 months period. Whichever works better , go for it.

Wrap Up

Smart Keywords will help you to get better results in a faster and efficient way. As these keywords are selected after finding out their potential and capability to draw organic search traffic to the website, they can never fail. I can say, that any keyword which may be sounding and looking good to attract huge traffic , may not be good practically.So it wise to select Smart Keywords ,at the same time save time and money which will led to more satisfied client and more business to you. Please let me know your thoughts regarding the same, Also  express your valuable comments, feedback and findings which may help us all.

How Smart Keywords Help To Get Quick Google Rankings
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