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A warm ‘Hello’ to all patrons, visitors and readers of My name is Debopratim Das. I am the creator, editor, researcher and analyst of anything and everything you see @ Pratwords. I am a simple guy just like you and always in search of easy solution to problems, rather than any complicated ones. Just as any individual, I started my career at the age of 23 – 24 years.I went for engineering but was (and still) passionate about three domains (obviously not directly related to my field):

  • Automobiles
  • Technology (mobile phones and others)
  • Digital Marketing

I did job in various companies belonging to diverse sectors like IT, automobiles, marketing and hospitality for last 6 – 7 years. The journey was amazing, because these 6 years helped me to learn many things. Lots of hardships and hard-times were involved. But, I am happy that I have gained enough experience to start Pratwords. As far as my certifications and expertise are concerned, I have done Google’s certifications for Google Analytics and Bing ADs Accreditation and give training in SEO, Branding, Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing. I make sure that people whoever I train, are not at all “donkey” after completing my training. You may get annoyed because I used this term “donkey”. I mean it. A donkey is one who never uses his brain, never do research and analysis.They just do whatever they have learned in books, examples and training. I have trained 30+ professionals and all of them are excelling in their jobs with an edge higher than their competitors.

Know Pratwords is small initiative by me to share my research works, thoughts, analysis and reviews in the following domains:

  1. Pratwords – Digital Marketing, SEO, Branding & Reputation management.
  2. PratMobi – Mobile Phones and Mobile Apps
  3. PratIntech – Internet and Technology (Coming Soon)
  4. PratWheels – Cars, Bikes and automobiles (Coming Soon)

All the four above mentioned are separate blogs ,which are part of Pratwords. I am trying to bring the most authentic information from these domains, which I have acquired in course of my job, personal experiences, researches, analysis and incidents. I completely make sure that all published articles and write-ups in my blogs are 100% authentic which can add value to the readers. I do read lots of blogs, books, articles and literature from various other resources, but always try to check the facts myself before I suggest anybody.  I hope you all will get benefited by these information. If you have any suggestions/feedback, I am just one step away through the Contact Me page.

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