How To Plan Your Best Twitter Marketing Strategy To rise your business to a new height

Who Should Choose To Go For Twitter Marketing

Before I discuss about how to plan your best Twitter marketing strategy, let me tell you who should choose twitter for marketing. Choosing the right social media marketing platform for any business is very important for the success of the online marketing strategy. If you are unable to choose the right platform, all your social media marketing strategy will be in vain. Twitter marketing is profitable only for those businesses who have their targeted audiences on Twitter. I will suggest all B2B and some selected B2C to use Twitter marketing.

B2B Twitter Marketing

Business To Business Marketing a.k.a. B2B marketing is one of the most challenging among all marketers. Every B2B businesses are always in search of marketing channels ,which have large number of their targeted audience (or rather businesses). Twitter is always among them. Twitter platform is always ideal for B2B marketing of any business sector. I would like to share steps of the most effective Twitter marketing strategy, through which I received many successful results for my projects. Almost all of these steps are general to all industries, except some.

B2B Twitter Marketing Strategy

  1. At the very beginning , list out the segments of the businesses which are your targets. Suppose, you are a CRM (customer relationship management) software company. You will be in search of the businesses who would like to use your product. Make a list of all such business segments like education, finance, real-estate, etc.
  2. Target one of all the segments at a time, for example , select education (say). Then search for all the “#” (hashtags) related to education on twitter. Make a list of these hashtags. Dont select all hashtags. Shortlist only those which show tweets having large number of “Retweets” and “Favorites”.
  3. Now search for Twitter profiles of influencers who belong to your targeted industry segment , like education (say). To search profiles, use the shortlisted hashtags. The “advanced” search of Twitter will help you in that, further. Shortlist 10 – 15 profiles which have more than 5000 followers in their profile and are consistently tweeting about the industry segment you are targeting.
  4. Your preliminary research stage ends with the last step and now its time for your own brand’s engagement on twitter using your findings till now. I would rather say that the present phase is for experimenting on trial-and-error basis to find out the most effective pattern of engagement for your brand. Now, you start tweeting 8-10 times at regular intervals of the day, say at an interval of 2-3 hours. Use the industry related hashtags, but make sure that each tweet should not have more than two hashtags. You can tag one or two of your enlisted influencers’ profiles by using “@” tags with their username (like @deboprtimdaas for me). I will suggest not to tag an one user for more than one tweet in a consecutive way. Try to put informative and useful tweets.
  5. Maintain the 4th step for 1-2 weeks. Analyze the tweet responses and engagements. You can use Twitter analytics for the same (Twitter Analytics<USERNAME>/home). On the “Tweets” tab (URL:-<USERNAME>/tweets) “Impressions”, “Engagements” and “Engagement Rates” for each tweet. These statistics will help you to understand:
    • Which particular pattern of tweet is performing the best.
    • On which particular hour(s) of the day are you getting maximum engagement.
    • On which particular day of the week are you getting maximum engagementBased on these statistics and analysis, you can decide your further plan of twitter marketing. I would like to ALERT you that the “Followers” section of Twitter analytics has a serious flaw in it. The historical statistics of the number of followers completely depend on the present number of followers and changes from time to time. Twitter may rectify this flaw in future, but at present it is there. I will update here whenever they rectify this flaw.
  6. As a part of B2B marketing, you can tweet about your products’/services’ best features, tweet about industry related facts, news, alerts and many more. For better engagement, I will suggest to tweet images and infographics.
  7. As far as tweeting with URLs is concerned, I will suggest to tag them first with Google’s URL Builder. Then shorten them with Google’s URL shortener. Now use this shortened link on Twitter along with the tweet OR the image. This will increase more engagement.
    (Tip: This also helps in SEO of the page related to the shortened URL as social signals are being monitored by Google’s algorithm).
  8. When someone retweets, favourites your tweets OR follow you back, dont forget to acknowledge them with a tweet, back to them. You can use your targeted hashtags in it. I will suggest to use tweets as replies rather than DMs (direct messages). That will encourage more engagements.
  9. Oops! I forgot one very important step. It is really hard for any human to keep on tweeting every day round the clock. Now we have lots of free online software which help us by tweeting on pre-specified timings and dates with pre-drafted tweets and other social posts. The best of them I found is Buffer. You can also use it.Buffer also have app on Google Playstore and Apple’s Appstore.

B2C Twitter Marketing

Business to Consumer a.k.a B2C marketing is quite different from B2B marketing. As far as I have experienced that Twitter marketing for B2C businesses is very limited. Its effectiveness is bit laid back when compared to Facebook and Pinterest. But sometimes its effective too. Let me share a B2C twitter marketing strategy which used to work for most of my B2C projects. I hope it will work for your project, also.

B2C Twitter Marketing Strategy

  1. At the very beginning, list out the most effective 10-15 “#” (hashtags),that belong to your targeted industry. Also select a hashtag specifically for your brand, so that your targeted audience can connect it to your brand. Like Pratwords is having “#AskPratwordsAbtSEO“.
  2. Shortlist 5-10 of the twitter profiles of the influencers.
  3. Now plan a Twitter campaign which will be set to make your branding strong among your targeted  audiences. All twitter campaigns have some steps in common among them:
    • Select a “#”(hashtag) which is easy to get accepted by mass audiences and also your brand specific, at the same time. Take the example of KitKat’s #HaveABreak.  This #tag became the branded one for KitKat and being widely used by all who want to express themselves about KitKat.
    • If you want to make the #tag viral within a short period of time, I will suggest to go for Twitter ADs.
    • Your campaign may be a contest or a cause. I will suggest to go for contest campaign if it is an event or a festival nearby which can give a boost to your branding, else go for cause campaign.
    • Rather than starting a traditional form of twitter campaign , it is better to go for such a campaign which can easily connect with the the audience’s heart. It helps to get it viral.
  4. After the campaign is completed, I hope your followers will increase at minimum by 150-200%. Below this, you can say that your campaign was not so effective.Now it is time to get the benefits of these new set of followers. Post tweets at regular intervals which are attractive and motivating for targeted audiences.
  5. For the rest B2C twitter marketing strategy, you can follow the B2B Twitter Marketing Strategy steps – 4,5,7,8,& 9. They are same in both.

Wrap Up

I have shared one of my many Twitter Marketing Strategies which executed successfully for relevant projects. I hope it will also help you. Let me know if you have achieved success by any other such strategies, in the comments below. If you need any assistance for any specific Twitter Marketing projects, please let me know over here.I can help. My set of Twitter hashtags – #AskPratwords & #AskPratwordsAbtSEO.



How To Plan Your Best Twitter Marketing Strategy
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