Why Digital Marketing Reporting, Analysis & Insights ?

Digital Marketing Reporting, Analysis and Insights is very important for understanding the performance of any digital marketing initiative, which is being undertaken by all businesses, these days. Different professionals like Managers, Directors, Technology professionals, Sales professionals and others need data with different sets of dimensions and metrics, which help them to understand the business in a better way and take important business decisions quickly in an informed manner. Insights and suggestions are also vital for these professionals, as it reduce their time for data interpretation and help them to invest more time for making better decisions, strategy planning and their executions.

Why Pratwords ?

Pratwords is India’s 1st Digital Marketing Consultation and Solution Provider to provide :

  1. Customized Digital Marketing analysis report for each and every types of professionals, within a business that help them to take better business and work decisions.
  2. Customized insights and suggestions based on thorough research and analysis of data from digital marketing, over a specified period of time.
  3. Business Digital Marketing Consultation based in data research and analysis for better ROI and results.
  4. Manual reports and insights developed after thorough research and analysis of data. No automated software used. A Pratwords Digital Marketing Expert will be doing it all.

How Much You Pay ?

Pratwords charges Rs 9180/- (INR) for 6 months subscription. On renewal of subscription for next 6 months, you will get 1 month extra, i.e. 7 months subscription for the cost of 6 months.

Introductory Offer

Businesses subscribing before 8th February 2016, will get 7 months subscription for the same cost, i.e. 1 month extra.

What You Will Get ?

Pratwords always ensure that if you are paying for our solutions, you are supposed to get highest satisfaction. You will get the following:

First Month


Business owner/Contact person will send in the details of the business that will help us to understand about what all data and insights are necessary for the business to perform in the best way in future. All details will be shared over email. If necessary, we will have meeting over Phone/Skype/In Person to get a better understanding of the business, its targets and goals.


We will undertake a thorough Pre-Digital Marketing Analysis of all online business properties and campaigns like Website, Google Analytics (GA), Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), social media properties, PPC campaigns (Adwords+1) and Mobile Apps. If GA/GWT is missing or not tracking all data from all online properties, we will suggest necessary step-by-step functions to rectify this issue and make sure every action on all online properties is track-able.


Two custom reporting dashboards on GA will be created. One for the business owner/senior decision making manager and another for technical head. All metrics and dimensions on these custom dashboards will be created as per the discussions during Stage-1.

Next Five Months

For next 5 months, on every 2nd week of each month, we will send two data research and analysis reports. One for the business owner/higher management and another for the tech head. Along with these two reports, we will send expert insights and suggestions by our Digital Marketing and Branding expert. These suggestions and insights will help your business and brand to stay ahead of your competitors. In next five months you will be able to find positive developments with the help of our reports and insights/suggestions.


As a part of our strict policy, Pratwords partnered with PayUMoney to provide you with the most secured and safe online payment that ensures complete peace of mind. You can now pay with PayUMoney.

 Have Any Queries ?

If you have any query regarding this solution, you can reach Pratwords’ team via any of the following means:

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