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App Store Optimization is almost similar to On-Page SEO. These days, mobile applications have become just one of our best friends. We can have any specific kind of mobile apps for every one of us based on our day-to-day or occasional requirements. But, when “We” get into the shoes of mobile apps developers , the job become one of the most challenging one and exciting one. Today, in each category of Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore, there are almost 50 apps are being developed every day, across the globe. The competition is getting higher and higher. So, to show up a specific app in front of potential users is becoming a bigger challenge for developers. This is the most sole requirement that leads to evolution of App Store Optimization a.k.a ASO.

Smart Google Play Store Optimization

Smartness is important nowadays to get the best in an efficient way . App Store Optimization is nothing exceptional. I prefer to working smarter rather than working harder. Now ,I would like to share with you some amazing findings based on which, I have designed some ASO strategies for different type of categories of apps on Google Play Store.

Detailed Smart Google Play ASO Strategy

When I searched on Google Play Store with the keyword “SEO” , I found these data (as in the above image) for 1st to 8th positions and 41st to 48th position. I observed some amazing trends in these data.

Google Play Store App Optimization

App Name and Description

The optimization of app’s name and description is the most important part among all. The name should have the brand name (if any) and a small descriptive phrase in it with the most relevant targeted keyword. The relevant targeted keyword must also be used wisely in the app’s description also. I will suggest to use the targeted keyword only 2-3 times in the name and the description, overall. More than that will be a suicide for the app as it will be an unwanted keyword stuffing. Multiple keyword targeting is not suggested. Selected the most relevant and appropriate keyword for your app and use it to optimize the title and description.

Google Plus One (+1)

Google plus signals through plus one (+1) plays an important role in ASO. I observed that the apps with more Google +1s are doing better on Google Play’s app search results.

Size of the App

As you know that every android app’s performance and usage of resources and device’s battery life depends on many important factors including its size. So Google Play is taking this another important signal to decide its position in Google Play App Store Search Rankings. The lesser is the size, the better it will perform.

Number Of Images

Number of descriptive images in Google App Store also plays a role in Google Play App Store Search Rankings. 10 – 15 non-repetitive descriptive images are better.

Number of installs

Number of installs help to define the popularity of a particular app. The more installs, the better is its reputation among new users and the better it performs in Google Play App Store Search Rankings.

Android Version

The supported android versions for a given app, directly supports the number of installs. The wider the versions of Android OS is supported by an app, the more it will get downloaded by interested users and vice-versa across various devices.

Content Rating

The content ratings are of three types:

  1. Low Maturity
  2. Medium Maturity
  3. Everyone

Google Play App Store Search Rankings get better for apps with “Everyone” content ratings and get worst for “Low Maturity” content rating.

Reviews and Average Rating

The Google Play Store app reviews and ratings does not play much important role in Google Play App Store Search Rankings till now. In future they may play a role based on their genuineness if Google can get rid non-authentic reviews and ratings.

Wrap Up

For new and upcoming Google Play Apps, I will suggest to focus on the following crucial factors for Google Play ASO:

  1. App Name and Description optimization
  2. App Size Optimization
  3. Google Plus One (+1)
  4. Number of Images
  5. Supported Android Versions
  6. Content Rating

and, for old Google Play Apps, I will suggest to optimize above points including this:

  1. Genuine Reviews and Ratings

I checked these observations with all of my projects and found them appropriate. Do you get them suitable and appropriate for your ASO projects ?

Crucial Factors Affecting Google Play Store Optimization
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