Advanced Bounce Rate Analysis

What Is Bounce Rate?

Expert SEO and digital marketing professionals know the answer to this question. I am answering this question for the one who have very little or NO idea about it – The Bounce Rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of times for which visitors to your website came from any source or way, but left your website just from the first page they had landed in. They don’t used to browse through any other pages of the website. There may be many reason behind such behavior of a visitor. Some of them are:

  • The visitor came to your website after viewing an AD.But, when he reached the landing page, it does not have anything related to his interest which he saw on the AD , before he came to the page.
  • The landing page ,to  which the visitor visited after viewing and AD, does not have the element of his interest at a recognizable position, which can be found by the visitor.
  • For visitors through organic search results like Google, when a visitor finds your webpage for a certain keyword which you might have used for the SEO of that page but, the content of the page is no where in-line with that. Then the visitor will not stay a second on the site.

100% Or 0% Bounce Rate, Which Is Good?

At the very beginning I should say, Bounce Rate can’t become 0% for any website provided its has one or more visitors over a given period of time. On the contrary, if the bounce rate is in the range of 61% to 100%, the site needs serious attention. The optimum range of bounce rate for a website serving its purpose to serve its visitors is 30% to 60%.

Advanced Bounce Rate Analysis

The advanced bounce rate analysis consists of several sections. I will discuss them which will help you to make it crystal clear.

Bounce Rate Analysis For Keywords

Finding out the bounce rate of traffic for individual keywords is very important. Most of the amateur SEO professionals generally used to optimize multiple webpages with a single set of 5-10 keywords. That is really a bad practice I should say. No two webpages in a given website can be similar and identical. Then why should their keywords be. Always try to use smart keywords selection strategy in your SEO. If bounce rate of any keyword is higher than 55% , then its time to check out the following:

  • These keywords are bringing traffic to which all landing pages / webpages.
  • Is there relevancy between these keywords and the content of the connected webpage.
  • If a single keyword is connecting to more than one webpage, find out whether all those pages are relevant to the keyword or not.

If the keywords are not relevant and any one or more keywords are singly targeting to multiple webpages, start optimizing the webpages for the relevant keywords.

Bounce Rate Analysis Using User Flow

The User Flow reporting tool on Google Analytics (under Audience section) is amazing. You can use any of the following dimensions to check visitors’ behavior on your website. You can checkout the interactions of visitors as 1st, 2nd, 3rd,so on and also their drop-offs. Each stage of visitors’ interaction will show which all pages they moved to from a given page and how much percentage have dropped off. If the drop-offs are from first interaction then they contribute to bounce rates.

Determine The Reason Of Bounce Rate Of A Webpage Through Analysis Of In-Page Analytics & User Flow

Once you find out the pattern of visitors’ interaction with your website, you will be able to find out why visitors are browsing through your website and why rest are going out of the site without interacting. The best way is to make a combined analysis using In-page Analytics and User Flow. As I mentioned in the previous point, to find out the drop-offs percentage from User Flow tool. Now for various dimensions, find out all different webpages on your website, which have more than 10% of drop-offs. Make a list of them. Finally, check the In-Page Analytics for these webpages. Check out the percentage of interaction of the visitors with different parts of each of those pages. Make some strategic 0n-page optimization which will help visitors to interact with the content of these pages. Undergo an overhauling of the links within these pages.

Wrap Up

Advanced Bounce Rate Analysis help website owners to optimize their site in an unique way to make visitors stay on the website in an organic way. This method is just a part of the whole optimization process.To know how you can optimize (SEO) any website in an efficient way so that it can stay with good search rankings on Google, just knock me here. I hope there is definitely some thoughts and feedback after reading about Advanced Bounce Rate Analysis. Feel free to share them in the comments, below. I will reply.

Advanced Bounce Rate Analysis – A Breakthrough Innovation
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